The branch of JSC “Sater”
“PP Ukrsahartehenergoremont – shop Energoavtomatika”

The structure of the company includes automation department, department of boiler and chemical laboratory. We provide a full range of engineering works on automation and regime-adjusting power plants. The company’s specialists perform work of any complexity, including a “turn-key” – from design through to commissioning.

List of works
Department of automation:

• Development of technical solutions for automation, design.

· Programming of industrial controllers and SCADA systems.

· Trim automation hardware, installation products and materials.

· Installation, start-up and commissioning of automation systems and energy and power technological equipment of industrial enterprises.

· The introduction of the frequency of the electric systems of automatic control.

· Calculation of narrowing devices, gas accounting and heat transfer fluids.

Boiler department:

· Reconstruction of steam and hot water boilers to increase their steam and conversion to other fuels.

· Reconstruction and modernization of the individual components of boilers (burners, furnaces, superheaters, economizers, air), start-up and commissioning of steam and hot water boilers and auxiliary equipment for all types of fuel, and fuel oil and gas industry, coal-pulverizing equipment and fuel supply equipment, drobeochistok, blowers industrial CHP units and boilers.

· Mode-adjustment and teploekologicheskie tests of steam and hot water boilers for the development of optimal operating boilers at normative technical and economic indicators.

· Develops the optimal modes of operation of the boilers at the minimum (normalized) indicators of concentration of harmful emissions while maintaining the efficiency of boilers passport.

Chemical laboratory:

· Technical assistance during installation and reconstruction of water treatment equipment industrial power plants and boilers;

· Technical Manual start-up and commissioning of complex water treatment equipment, which includes various schemes pretreatment, ion exchange, degassing and correctional treatment of water

· Teplohimicheskie testing and commissioning of the water regime of steam boilers, including the development of operational regulations;

· Technical Manual chemical cleaning of boilers.

· Performs analysis of liquid and solid fuels, limestone, turbine, transformer, and other mineral oils, water, scale, ionitesand ion exchangers focal residues.

· Prepares chemical solutions for the HVO.